Sunday, March 11, 2012

Baked Apple Pies

I'm a big fan of reusing or re-purposing just about anything I can think of- especially if I've created it with my own two hands. Most of this is because I'm just cheap, poor, and it gives me satisfaction when I can take something that I already have around the house that is being unused and fashion it to use vs. buying something new.

I also hate throwing away food. So...

Everytime I make a pie crust I have those extra bits that don't go into the pie, you know the bits that you pull off around the edges of the crust that you just throw out! So here's what I do:

I combine my extra bits and roll them out to pie crust thickness on two layers of saran wrap and put two more layers on top. (I've already got out the rolling pin and flour!) I fold the saran wrap over and freeze the dough. (In my tiny freezer this is the easiest way to store anyway) When the apples in my kitchen start getting to the point where they aren't quite bad but aren't super yummy to eat anymore, I take out the pie crust and peel and core two apples. I, then, set each apple over the crust and surround each apple with the left over pie crust including the bottoms, but not covering the top.

I make a cinnamon sugar mixture: 1 part cinnamon, 3 part sugar. I fill the apple cores with 1/2 Tbsp of cinnamon sugar and place 1/2 Tbsp of butter on top.

I put the dough wrapped apples in a pan and into a 350 degree F oven for 10-15 minutes until they look like this:

Whala! My own little baked apple pies. Perfect with some vanilla ice cream!

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