Friday, November 25, 2011

Parker Dance Party

Todd and I, along with our friends (the McFarlands) babysat over this past weekend for our friends (the Parkers), so they could have a weekend getaway. They have four children ages 8,7,4 and 1. It was a fun weekend with lots of games and fun outings. One of the things we did before bedtime each night was to have a dance party. Here are two clips of the kids dancing. (Bad video quality is because it was shot on a cell phone)

Graham (4) in front with his book light "microphone", Isaac (7) and Ewan (8) dancing from the sofa:

Graham and Jude (1):

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dog Intelligence

When we are not trying to turn Maggie into the first pea-diving aquatic dog, we have fun with Maggie and Belle in other torturous ways. To further procrastinate on my school work today, I set up a camera to see if Belle really is the "Pinky" of this "Pinky and the Brain" duo or if she is just "unmotivated". Here's what I found:

Turns out we have a new Brain!