Wednesday, July 11, 2012

In this last year...

Durham Rail Station with Cartoon camera
 Dear friends,

Last year at this time I was very happy to find summer work in Newcastle and spent some time learning how to get around in the city. We were looking forward to a trip home in the fall and taking part in the wedding of a dear friend. I was beginning a Masters degree after a 10 year school hiatus and a bit nervous about the unknown challenges of both returning to higher education and doing it in Britain. Todd began his PhD and started learning a few more languages!

Trail schedule
A year later, I know this train schedule by heart. As I sit and write my thesis I think of the craziness that will follow in a few years when Todd is finishing his and wonder what our lives will be like then. Six years of marriage and it has continuously been one of transition. It is a time of year where we say 'farewell' to friends that we've made and look forward to saying 'hello' to new friends in the fall.

Our two constants

It's been a great year and though we are in a rain, rain, and more rain time of year here and I get a little homesick, I like it here...and we'll see how long we stay.

If you know of someone moving into Durham, tell them to come and say 'hello'. There is a great house just up the road from us where our friends Ben and Sarah have been living that is for rent. Not only would you get to live in England, but you'd live in a town called 'Pity Me'....even after two years makes me chuckle.  

We look forward to another year of unknowns here in England with our two favorite constants.

Farewell to our friends finding new adventures- someday we'll stop being students and join you out there in the real world!!!

Til then, we're sending love from afar,

Kelly Brewer

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