Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Jonelle's visit

It's so nice when friends from home come to visit us here. We spent just under a week with Jonelle, who I lived with for six years in and beyond school. We had a nice time catching up and seeing some pretty cool British sites.
Here are some pictures from her visit:

Alnwick Castle

Parts of Harry Potter where filmed here and we got to watch some school children have a flying lesson
View from the bridge

We found a castle!

Lindisfarne (Holy Island)

It was windy and cold, but still Lindisfarne was beautiful

Proof that Jonelle has been to the North Sea

A little break from the cold

Smoking her Dad's pipe on Holy Island

A large section of Hadrian's Wall. The wall was built by the Romans in AD122 and parts of it still exist spanning across Northern England
Ruins of Benwell Roman Temple- Part of Hadrian's Wall

Sitting in a turret

The barracks at Chesters Roman Fort.
Ancient monuments can be hazardous- especially when you can climb on 2000 year old buildings!

The baths at Chesters Roman Fort

Museum of things they found near the fort
 When we were in Alnwick, Jonelle got a great shot of Todd doing his favorite thing!

We had a great time Jonelle! Come back and visit us again!

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  1. I really enjoyed seeing two old friends in a lovely place together! Thanks for sharing.