Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stateside 2011 Videos

Todd's parents gave us this little handheld camera while we were home and I wanted to share three short videos I shot while in the States.

This video is from my parent's cabin near State College in PA. This summer some hornets decided that the living room window of the cabin would be a great place to build their nest. The entire nest covered about two feet of the window. Since they built it on the window you have privy to the inner workings of what goes on in the daily life of a hornet. You'll see my reflection in the window- these things cannot be helped.

This second video is from Chris and Kylie's wedding reception. The wedding and reception were filled with fun and lively music. Here's a video of Kylie and her sisters (bridesmaids) dancing it up...and Chris is giving it a good effort too!

This third video is of Jack Larkin having some fun on a play ground that we went to in NYC. I wish I had continued the video to get his "who are you?" face a few seconds later when he looked up and noticed some unknown woman was sitting on top of his play toy. This playground was super cool and we had a bit of fun ourselves. Unfortunately, this was the only video I shot there.

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