Sunday, June 26, 2011

A day at the beach

Today was a whopping 79 degrees! That is really hot here! So, since we have been lamenting the cool summer and lack of beach time (along with our translucent skin tone), we packed the pups up and drove to Seaham. Seaham is a seaside town on the North Sea with a long and stoney beach.

We were surprised to find that this quaint little town with gorgeous sea cliffs is only a 25 minute drive away from our house in Durham. We were even more pleased to find that the parking was FREE!! The pups were very excited to be outside running free and especially to have a vast amount of water nearby in which to swim.

Maggie started out overjoyed by the water and jumped in and swam and swam, but then later was scared of the waves.

Belle, however, was more fearless and would jump through the crashing waves continually. It was really nice to have such a beautiful day here and I even found a starfish that I was able to throw back into the ocean.

Here's a video of our fearless Belle riding the waves!

Here's one of Maggie fetching the bottle we threw and then being scared by the waves.

And here's one of Belle swimming after rocks Todd is throwing into the sea.

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