Monday, January 31, 2011

Trip to York

Todd and I took a trip to York last Thursday and had a nice day walking around the city. We visited the York Castle Museum, York Minster and had lunch at Bettys.

The only part left of York Castle is Clifford's Tower, named after a man who was hanged for treason from its walls in 1322. Beside the tower is York Castle Museum that depicts what life in England was like over the past 400 years.

We went to Bettys tearoom for lunch and though we didn't have "afternoon tea" we had some really yummy food!

Our favorite place on this trip was York Minster. We were going to pay the 9GBP to get in, but Todd in all his wisdom asked if there was a clergy discount and they let us both in for free!! In the under croft we saw old Roman walls that were built 2000 years ago and interesting sculptures that were found near the building in a recent dig. Outside sits a modern statue of Constantine, the Caesar who allowed Christianity in his empire in the first century. The church is really beautiful inside and out.

Below are some more pictures I took of the church:

This last picture is of the Quire Screen that has sculptures of 15 kings from William I to Henry VI. A very impressive wall of the church.

We were touring the church when the choir was rehearsing for the next service. Though the video below is sideways, the voices made the tour that much more enjoyable!

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