Thursday, October 28, 2010

A month ago today...

…Todd and I arrived in Durham. In 300 words orless this is what we have been doing since that day (in some sort of sequential order):

Sleeping on a futon mattress at dog high level, two trips to Ikea driving on the left side of the road, one midnight run to Tesco, assembly of bought Ikea items (including bed frame and mattress), visiting a local farm with friends (new and old), trying to open a bank account, dinner at the Parker‘s, new flashy mobile phones with internet capability, hovering lawn mower arrives from eBay, Todd begins his classes, Kelly brakes hovering lawn mower by using on our foot high grass, exploring the walking paths behind our house with Maggie and Belle, tour of Durham Cathedral, Sunday night potlucks with American post-grad students and their families, awesome PetPlus Vaccum arrives from Ebay, replacement lawn mower bought and pushed down the footpath (sidewalk) for a mile home, kitchen chairs arrive from eBay (our first chairs), church hopping for four weeks, Kelly has the stomach bug and watches the first two seasons of Friends, successfully open a bank account, Todd has a kidney stone attack and Kelly and Todd spend all day in the A & E (ER), washing machine arrives (hurray! 3 weeks of clothes are ready to be cleaned!), Todd visits local pubs with fellow theology students, Kelly and Todd brake the washing machine by not taking out the shipping bolts, tour of Durham Castle, new washing machine arrives tomorrow!

I'll post more on the fun things we've been up to later, but for now that's a quick breakdown of our last month.

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